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Tattoo removal laser machine B121255301

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Tattoo removal laser machine

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Product: Tattoo removal laser machine

SKU: B121255301




1. With a strong penetration capacity, Q-switched 1064NM can reach the melanin cells or black/blue fuel granule at the deeper level of the skin, thereby removing tattoos in the body and eye lines, reducing black moles and dermis pigment lesions etc.


2. 532NM can functionally remove red-color tattoos in the body or in the lips, remove red-moles, and veins lesions etc. In addition, with its light penetration, it also can be used to remove birth-mark, freckles, splash etc.


Bovot offers high quality double wavelength laser treatment system adopts laser ND: YAG and Q-switch laser as well as laser multi-frequency technology.

Using instant light resulted in exploding principle to make laser set free in short time (about 10 ns) then producing the IPL with light density.


This ND: YAG can get rid of tattoos, imprinted eyebrows, imprinted eyelids and all kind of pigmentation lesion on dermal.


Product size: 25*22*38

Packing size: 45*32*62

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