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         Shipping cost & time, Destination port


           You could get shipping cost online in one minute! Just add your favorites to shopping cart, and press the “Get a quote “bottom, then you would get all the details, and it is very easy and convenient to compare with air cost.

           Shipping cost: Transportation cost is an important part of business. is highly intellectualized; you could get instant shipping cost on exclusive shipping cost calculating system. Notice: the instant shipping cost will be in effect for three days. And the instant shipping cost is just for bulk cargoes (order packing size below 20 cbm), if the packing over 20 cbm, please contact us by email for specific shipping cost.


           Shipping transit time: Shipping time is according to destination port and the seasons. Generally, transit time to Asia port is about 7-15 days, to Europe port 25-35 days, to North America 22-30 days, to South America 25-35 days, to Middle East 20-30 days, to Africa 30-40 days.


            Destination port area list: We can deliver cargoes to most of port in the world. (Over 400 ports)

            East coast, west coast ports

            Central America, Caribbean, Mexico

            Europe, UK, Scandinavia

            Mediterranean, Middle East, Black sea, Persian Gulf

            South America

            Southeast Asia

            India, Pakistan, Bay of Bengal

            Korea, Japan


            Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

            For import & export business, most of cargoes are shipped by sea, as traditional transportation method, shipping is high reliability and cost-efficient, and it is not difficult to deal with. are experienced for that, we could ship cargoes to most of port in the world.

            Our cooperators are:

            China Shipping Container Lines

            Maersk Lines:

            Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A:.

           “K” Line:

             If you want to get cargoes faster, you could use airfreight, please goes to Airfreight cost& time, Destination list to know more information.