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Luxuriously SPA capsule AB01

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Hydrotherapy spa equipment spa capsule, multifunctional!

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Price: $3,466.57

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Product: Luxuriously SPA capsule
Main Function:

  1. Steam sauna for weight loss;
  2. Mini Jacuzzi SPA bathtub
  3. SPA jet for water massage
  4. Vibration massage for fitness of beauty spa
  5. Vichy shower
  6. Far infrared for body slimming
  7. Aromatherapy ;Steam medical fumigation
  8. Photon light for anti-aging / skin care. Spectrum indicator
  9. Mini TV for leisure
  10. FM radio
  11. Ozone therapy
  12. Sprayer
  13. Automatically water supply and drainage

Product size: 235*93*116CM      Power: 2.2KW

Net weight: 195KG

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