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IPL beauty machine B121253101

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IPL beauty machine for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

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Product: IPL beauty machine

SKU: B121253101

IPL beauty system description:

1.        Multi professional optional treatment handle piece promote the machine up to the best results: 400-1200 nm, 530-1200 nm, 595-1200 nm, etc.

2.        Sapphire cooling head can make patient much more comfortable and promote the permanence of light guide.

3.        Multi-function with one set machine, different treatment handles have various functions: hair removal, vascular lesions, spots removal, etc.

4.        The Design of Ergonomics, which can reduce operator’s burden and it is easy for operation and maintain.

5.        No downtime –durable for continuously using.


Treatment Range:

1.    Skin rejuvenation and renew.

2.    Unwanted hair removal.

3.    Benign pigment problem: Spots, pigmentation, fleck, etc.

4.       Benign vascular problem: Redden face, capillary vessel expansion and spider naevus.


Product size: 42*58*103 cm

          Packing size: 116*65*78 cm

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