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far-infrared ceramic hair dryer H1620453300

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far-infrared ceramic hair dryer

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Product: far-infrared ceramic hair dryer

1.Max temperature:180-200 degree
2.dual cellular ceramic heating

3.With two hair dryer nozzles ( S,L)
S- for a perfect setting of hair
L-for a fast hair drying.

4.Power:1800-2200 w
   800-1200 w (ceramic)
5.Air flow:76.7 m3/h

Technology comparation:

Ceramic far infrared heating
*Low carbon hair dryer,temperature up to 200 degrees centigrade at the power 1200W
*Low electromagnetic radiation 0.8m Gs
*Nano-silver inside for antibacterial function
* 8-14 micron wave length far infrared,for physiotherapy of scalp.

Traditional heating
*Max temperature 200 degrees centigrade at the power 2200W
*High electromagnetic radiation 36.5m Gs

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